Managed Services for Healthcare


Our clients have been able to focus on the priorities that generate new business and patient loyalty for 20 years, because JDL has adeptly managed their health technology. 

When you become a JDL HealthTech Managed Services client, your IT services and support will be HIPAA-compliant and we will certify that and support you as needed during audits. That's because our health IT solutions and support are HIPAA-compliant, and we are a HIPAA-compliant business associate. Those are the fundamentals you should require of any provider you do business with.

Using JDL Managed Services means you can focus on your practice again, not on technology issuesBenefits You’ll Appreciate Instantly

You can avoid the high cost of adding an IT pro or contractor to your staff by engaging the JDL HealthTech team to serve as an extension of your own resources. You also avoid having to wait forever to obtain assistance, or wonder what it will cost. 

Other Advantages of Managed Services 

  • No more pain from sluggish systems or slow response times

  • Fewer delays and interruptions caused by technology issues 

  • Lower costs through increased efficiencies and economies of scale (and no more capex investments--it's all predictable, controlled, monthly opex with managed services!)

  • Enhanced performance of systems through proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance

  • Improved security through ongoing patch management, software updates, and intrusion detection and prevention

  • Enhanced employee experience through expert remote help desk support

  • Immediate and ongoing access to our exceptional technical expertise

  • And with Managed Services, your ROI is almost immediate. 

Torn between juggling technology and practicing medicine?  Think JDL HealthTech Managed Services.

And then think "effortless."

(And then send an effortless inquiry to or complete this simple form.)