Were you aware that stolen patient health data can be sold on the black market for over $360 per record?  

That's far more than any other data from any other industry, including credit card information, according to an article published by the InfoSec Institute.

You have a legal and moral obligation to protect your patients’ information from loss, theft and unauthorized access.  Do you know how well you’re fulfilling that obligation?

Is your wireless network leaking ePHI?

In addition to providing vital insights about your network, a network security diagnostic is a critical step in reducing the risk of Fines and Penalties imposed by the HHS Office for Civil Rights, along with OCR Corrective Action Plans that can take your practice years to complete. 

To learn more about what you have to gain from a network security overview, read the PDF or complete this simple form.

JDL HealthTech Network Security Overview.pdf



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