Every physician's dream

Now there’s a solution that will organize your practice, streamline your processes, and save you from having to replace outdated equipment and technology. 

It’s your office in the cloud, from JDL HealthTech. 

In this office, all of your applications are available in a heartbeat, through a single portal. A robust portal powered by Citrix, the leader in cloud technology. 

A portal that’s easy to access from any, or every, device in your office. Including the smartphone and tablet you take home each night.

 Convenience. Compliance. Security.  All in one solution.  HIPAA FastTrack.



Compliance in a heartbeat

When you put your office in the cloud, everything is at your fingertips.  

EMR.  Practice management.  Administrative apps.  vFax.  Spreadsheets. QuickBooks.  Forms.  The Internet.  Everything you need.   

Your Medical Office - In the Cloud

With instant access anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Your fully-compliant office in the cloud is delivered through our HIPAA FastTrack service:

  • Winner of the 2016 Information Security award for Innovation in Compliance.
  • Choice of healthcare providers like you who want to practice medicine--not manage technology or worry about compliance.
  • Ensuring you a fast track to ePHI security and effortless HIPAA compliance, because we do it for you.


Learn more today, and move to HIPAA FastTrack tomorrow. It's that easy.

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