Having your technology hosted offsite, in the cloud, by IT experts, provides many benefits that will make your life simpler, your work easier, and your security and compliance complete.

  • Frees you from time-consuming technical tasks required for HIPAA compliance, such as installing security patches and backing up ePHI and other data.
  • Prevents your aging equipment and outdated systems from slowing you down.
  • Costs become more predictable and easier to budget.
  • Readily adapts to shifts in your volume, staff, and needs.
  • Simplifies your IT and enables seamless technology updates so that your ePHI remains secure and protected.


Can you really afford NOT to take advantage of these and other benefits?

Click here to request a free quote todayBut how do you know you’re ready to move to the cloud?  

A cloud readiness review will help you identify which services make sense to move into the cloud.

It will identify which applications can be moved immediately, including your EMR, your business office apps, and other applications you currently use.

Your cloud readiness review will take the doubt and guesswork out of your decision and help clear the path to security and compliance in the cloud. 

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JDL HealthTech Cloud Readiness Review.pdf 




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