Is your wireless network really secure, or is it leaking data?  Do you know?

Even the smallest wireless network, using one controller and a few access points, is vulnerable to compromise if adequate security is not maintained. When you routinely share ePHI and other sensitive information with staff and patients in your office, your networks—both wired and wireless—must be totally secure. 

Our Wireless Security Assessment will identify opportunities to improve your wireless security. It will deliver a thorough report detailing current vulnerabilities in priority order and the actions required to resolve them.  We can also assist you with remediation, because chances are you have no time or staff to spare for that kind of IT chore. 

Download this PDF to learn more about our wireless security assessment, or complete the form at right. But please, for the sake of compliance, don't put it off any longer!

JDL HealthTech - Wireless Security Assessment.pdf

Is ePHI secure on your wireless laptop?  Are you sure?



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